Transparency/Compositing in iMovie 09

Since Q@mera outputs video with an Alpha channel (transparency), we thought it might be possible to create sophisticated overlay video effects (called compositing) using Q@mera and iMovie 09. It is possible. But there are some hurdles.

1. Since iMovie 09 does not recognize the Q@mera virtual camera as an input, you must use either iMovie HD (free download) or QuickTime Player Pro to record the Q@mera output to a movie.

2. iMovie 09 does not appear to recognize the alpha channel in a movie, so we need to fudge it.

3. First, make sure the advanced iMovie 09 preferences are set (allows greenscreen feature).

4. Take any template in Q@mera that creates a transparent effect (like the Polaroid effect) and turn the background color on, and set it to a medium green color.

5. Record your movie with iMovie HD or QuickTime Pro.

6. Export your movie to Apple TV or Apple Intermediate codec and import your movie into iMovie 09. This step is important because iMovie 09 will not greenscreen a movie with an ARGB codec. It also may be helpful to export at the same resolution as your iMovie 09 project (ie. 1080 HD).

7. Select your new movie and drag it on top of an existing clip already positioned in the iMovie 09 timeline.

8. A popup menu will appear: Choose 'Greenscreen' and iMovie 09 will make the green background transparent.


By : Ms. Black Transparency/Compositing in iMovie 09




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